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Quelques témoignages :
  • André has allowed us to look up and clarify our strategy 

    Franck Rousselin

    Phi Design - Industrial design

  • I loved: your availability, your kindness and professionalism 

    Pierre Trecourt

    Tribal Index - Arts Objects

  • André has human qualities and values ​​for this key advisory role in Marketing. Do not be afraid to give him the keys to your company, it will analyze change without distorting to move and perform 

    Xavier de Contencin

    Commercial Director of an Internet and multimedia agency

  • Optitude Conseil allowed me to find the solution to a given while all pre-research at issue were unsuccessful. Understanding of all parameters in its entirety as well as the rapid and detailed reflection - real source of progress - of Optitude Conseil has find THE solution for my project. Thank Optitude Conseil for its support and field ITS serious and custom work! Optitude Conseil is truly an ideal partner for my business

    Nathalie Saunier

    BD CUP - Manager in real estate

  • Thanks to the work done by Optitude Conseil and the great expertise of Andre in industrial marketing, I was able to become familiar with the expectations of my clients' carbon footprint in the textile industry. Market research that was delivered to me, led by André and his staff fully met my expectations. I particularly enjoyed the proximity between André and his client and the place was given to me in this study. This is a firm of modest size, but has good qualities for me: flexibility, proximity and especially listening to the principal ... I am very satisfied with their service


    Environmental expert in the textile sector

  • OPTITUDE built us a very attractive and professional concrete tools, including the graphics and slogans convey the values ​​of the company. We appreciated the speed of implementation, listen to our aspirations, the relevance of their transcript 

    Serge RAGUET

    STEAM énergie - Heating and air conditioning

  • I had the pleasure of working with André for 3 years. It's a real quiet strength. I have seen it done in a few days a market survey on security in Switzerland. This is the most comprehensive survey I've seen, although I worked in this field. Its recommendations and initiatives were necessary and served me for over 3 years. Thank you André! 

    Etienne Bürki

    Atral Suisse- Subsidiary Director

  • André is a professional quality, conscientious in his analyzes and precise in its reasoning. While carrying a lot of expertise, he does not hesitate to extend its range of knowledge to provide a timely response and innovative face a thorny issue 

    Laurent MELLAH

    CEO services company